Brexit – Why we should leave

Why we should leave the EU

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The European Union was originally sold as a way to bring the leaders, and the people, of Europe together. As a student, I saw how the EU had funded large projects at my university and how their investment had helped to create more courses and better educational facilities. Also, friends who were studying languages were able to go and study in European cities like Paris, Madrid and Berlin due to freedom of movement between EU states.

However, in recent years, with the help of politicians like Nigel Farage and others, we now see that this was a façade and that the costs hugely outweigh the benefits of being a member of this club. I have seen how the leaders of Europe only care about ever closer union without actually addressing any issues that the member states may have.

One of the main arguments against our EU membership is we are currently dealing with the biggest refugee crises since the end of the Second World War and the effects of it can be seen right across Europe. Everyday, with the help of Social Media, especially Twitter and Facebook, the true impact that this huge migration crisis is having on cities and towns across Europe can be seen. All the while, leaders like Merkel are still calling for more migrants to come to Germany and therefore, have access to the EU and all other member states including Britain. Whilst at the same time other leaders within the EU are closing their borders and proving just how divided the EU really is.

I saw how the leaders of Europe have left Greece out to dry after promising to help them with bailouts for their banks and helping to plug the gaps in their borders. It makes me question, would they also leave us out to dry if we ever suffered similar problems?

In order to deal with the migration crisis we now have the same unaccountable leaders encouraging Turkey to take back some of the migrants and in exchange, offering them visa-free travel starting from this Summer and dangling EU membership in front of them; not once have they asked the people what they want.

The main reason I want to see Britain out of the EU is that our laws are not our own. A vast majority of the laws in Britain are either made in the EU or can be overruled by the EU and their courts. A shocking example of this is the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) and how they have stopped us from deporting criminals who may be a threat if they are left in the UK and the ECHR have attempted to force our parliament to allow prisoners to have the right to vote, against the wishes of the people of Britain and our elected politicians.

It is clear we have no control or say in Europe. That is why I want to leave the EU. Let’s get our laws, our borders and our country back.

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