My Name is John Mark Owen and I am a patriot.
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Graduated Nottingham Trent with a 1st Class honours degree in Computing. A skill that will come in very useful in the years ahead!

I am a patriot!

During the EU referendum I was the regional organiser for Leave.EU in Wolverhampton. As part of my role, I mobilised hundreds of local activists to deliver leaflets and engage with the public about the benefits of leaving, the dictatorship that is, the EU.


In July 2016, following the amazing referendum result and the vote to Leave the EU, I decided to join UKIP. I had worked with the Walsall branch of the party during the referendum so I decided to join them.

In December 2016 I decided to stand as chairman of the Walsall branch and in the following January we had our AGM (Annual General Meeting) and I was elected by a majority of the members – only 2 voting against.

Following the disaster of Henry Bolton’s leadership, and the purge of Nationalists from the party, I left UKIP in January 2018. I then joined the Conservatives alongside Leave.eu’s Blue Wave strategy to get patriotic Leave supporting MP’s elected and to vote in the coming leadership election.

The Brexit Party

Since May 2019 I have been a supporter of the Brexit Party and will lead the campaign in Walsall.

It’s time to destroy the mainstream parties once and for all before they destroy us, our freedom and our green & pleasant land.